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Corey Hart Boy in the Box is Steve Anthony: Confirmed

A couple of years ago, former MuchMusic VJ and current CP24 Breakfast host Steve Anthony dropped by to chat about his career on the radio and on television. He was engaging, entertaining and energetic. And, as it turns out, he wasn't full of shit.

Early in that episode 123, Steve told a story about working on the radio in Montreal when Corey Hart heard his catchphrase "this is your boy in the box, Steve Anthony, on 98 Hit Radio CKGM". Corey heard this, and according to Steve, it inspired the song Boy in the Box, also the name of Corey's very successful album.

A close friend of Corey Hart heard that episode with Steve and a subsequent episode with Stu Jeffries in which we discussed whether the claim was true and it has been confirmed that Steve Anthony was indeed the boy in the box that inspired Corey Hart.

I will never doubt Steve Anthony again.

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