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Taking a Look at the Top 3 Casino Resorts in Canada

Niagara Falls

Canada is a huge, beautiful country with plenty to see and do and, quite aside for being one of the best countries in the world in which to live, its offers plenty of opportunities for holiday makers too. For those wanting to take in a bit of the old casino night life while enjoying Canada's best resorts, though, the country offers a number of options that must surely rank among the best in the world.

Here, then, is the crème of the crop of Canada's very best casino resorts.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

As the name suggests, this exquisite resort is situated in such a way that each of the hotel's rooms has a stunning view overlooking Niagara Falls and comes equipped with everything you could want from a world class holiday resort in the form of live shows, a spa, numerous dining options and boutique shopping. On top of all that, though, it's also one of Canada's largest and best gaming facilities. Coming in at a whopping 2.5 millions square feet and offering over 3000 slot machines, much like the ones at, and 130 gaming tables - all with that spectacular view just a glance away - Fallsview Casino Resort easily earns its reputation for being one of the world's greatest gaming destinations.

River Rock Casino Resort

The only 4-star hotel/ casino in Western Canada, River Rock is situated in Richmond, British Columbia  and offers the best in accommodation, entertainment and nightlife. Whether enjoying one of the resort's indoor pools (perfect for those nasty Canadian winters), being pampered at its lavish spa or enjoying a delicious meal at one of the resort's finest eateries, River Rock has you covered for all your holiday needs. It's also a perfect, picturesque location for a wedding. Along with all that, it also offers a fully stocked casino with 1000 slots, numerous table games, poker rooms and VIP gaming rooms to cater to every gaming desire you could possibly have. It's the perfect real world compliment to something like

Casino Rama

Located just north of and only a mile away from Lake Simcoe, Casino Rama is the venue of choice for top-drawer Canadian and international entertainers alike. A large resort with 300 luxury suites, fine dining, shopping, entertainment and just a short ride to one of Canada's great lakes, it's a top notch holiday destination for a reason. As part of that experience, the night life is bolstered significantly by a fully stocked casino with a wide variety of slots and tables games, all of which come with special promotional bonuses and free credits for guests of the resort.

These resorts are only three of the very best gaming resorts in a country full of them. Canada remains a progressive technology leader with evidence of this found at and a peaceful country in an increasingly troubled world; an oasis from much of the rest of the world so it's perfectly fitting that it offers such wonderful holidaying opportunities for international travelers. And with its liberal attitude towards gambling, it's all the better for those wanting to win a bit of extra cash for their travels.

And, of course, for the residents of Canada, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world which can been seen at, such resorts also offer ample opportunities for Canadian residents to explore and truly get the most from their beautiful country.

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