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Bluegrass Brunch in New Toronto

You don't normally consider your local billiard hall when thinking about brunch, but I was intrigued by the Sunday morning bluegrass brunch I saw promoted at NTB Lakeshore. NTB Lakeshore is on Lake Shore between Fifth and Sixth Streets.


A live band played cool bluegrass music while we enjoyed all-you-can-eat bacon, eggs, sausage, french toast, hashbrowns and fruit salad. I couldn't afford to do this every week with a family of six (even though the baby didn't partake), but it was very cool.


NTB calls itself Toronto's best kept secret, and it might just be. We were one of three groups there this morning. I recommend checking this out while you can.


The bluegrass brunch is every Sunday at 10am, and despite the monkey giving you the finger, it's definitely kid-friendly.

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