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The "Before" Photos of Humble and Fred's New Studio

Five years ago today, I was in the room while Humble and Fred recorded their first podcast. Well, it wasn't really their first podcast, simply their first with an actual commitment to record daily.

They're moving their studio to The Queensway, just east of Islington. I biked over today to take some "before" photos and I'll return next Friday to see the "after".

Here's where the microphones and soundboard will go. Fred is either contemplating life, realizing regret or thinking about lunch.


Here's the unfinished table with the new board. Rumour has it this is the same board that put a man on the moon in '69.


Here's where visitors will sit. It's quite the beautiful view of The Queensway.


Here's the view of the new studio from The Queensway. I'm told the "Queens Flowers" sign will be replaced at some point.


Humble Howard will be living in the residence above the studio. Here's his patio where he will partake in the medicinal goodness of all things green.


There is some controversy about Humble and Fred asking listeners to pay for their new basement washroom. Here's what your $10,000 got you.


I'll share pictures from the finished studio next Friday. Well done, boys.

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