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Terry Fox Run 2016: We Raised $995!

My family and I participated in this morning's Terry Fox Run at High Park. It's an annual tradition for us, and this was one of the warmest and sunniest runs I can remember.

Thanks to you, we managed to raise $995 this year. A hearty thanks to all who contributed:

  • Dale
  • Blind Dave
  • Cheryl
  • Rob J
  • Pete Fowler
  • Jason from Sudbury
  • Rick C in Oakville
  • Javed Jafri
  • McNulty
  • Devin H.
  • Markosaar
  • Douglas M.
  • Brian Gerstein
  • Greg E.
  • Peter S.
  • Broni
  • Faunie
  • Mary
  • Shawn G.
  • Barry J.
  • Stephanie D.
  • Doug M.
  • Andrew R.
  • James Edgar
  • Miriam
  • Grant
  • felix
  • James H.
  • Il Duce

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men... at 8am, me and my two oldest kids started biking to High Park along the Waterfront Trail. In Mimico, I busted a tube, and had to jog the rest of the way. It was close, but I made in time for the pre-run speeches.

All in all a great day.

Terry Fox Run 2016
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