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Sharks Vs Penguins: Who will triumph in the Stanley Cup Final!

Big news in  Hockey this week: We finally know who will be battling it out for the  prestigious Stanley Cup in a couple of days, on Tuesday May 31st.  Whether you are a Sharks or Penguins fan, or whether your team got knocked off  during Playoffs; Hockey lovers all over the world are buzzing with excitement  for the most anticipated final of the season!

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It has been  seven long years since the Penguins have made it to a Stanley Cup final. Before  this long, dry seven year stretch, the Penguins had had relative successes in  the Stanley Cup, having been to the finals a couple of times before. And now,  after almost a decade, here they are again. You could really see the pure  emotion, happiness, joy, and relief that the team felt on Thursday evening at  the Consol Energy Center.

Sidney Crosby who has been with the Penguins for a  long time, has been through that seven year drought. He was 20 and 21 years old  when he got to play in two finals –and will now get to do so again after seven  years of hard practice, determination, and waiting. The Penguins have a true  underdog story this season - that is for sure! When their current coach, Mike Sullivan was brought on to help the team last year towards the  end of December, the Penguins were not even in a position to be in the  Playoffs! It turns out the Sullivan is indeed a “Magic Mike” of sorts. He has  managed to turn the Penguins back in to the winning machine that they used to  be. But the big question now is, will they have what it takes to beat the San  Jose Sharks in the finals next week?

The Sharks,  on the other hand, are going to be playing their very first final next week. So  the question is, will the sharks who are beyond excited to be in this position  have an edge over the Penguins who used to be considered legends, but have not  been thought of as such since their decline after their last Stanley Cup win in  2009. It is an interesting situation for this final because we have two teams  who could be considered underdogs in their own way. The Sharks have never made  it this far, and have not really been considered great threats, and the  Penguins are fallen heroes who have the chance to redeem themselves. We will  have to wait until next week to see who prevails.

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