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Trying to Buy Hip Tickets for the Last Time

This morning at 10am, tickets for the last Tragically Hip tour went on sale for the many of us with a presale password. I was logged into Ticketmaster and ready to rock well before go time.


Then, I started my search for 3 tickets. I really wanted to take my oldest two kids to see their dad's favourite band. I tried for both Toronto shows, the London show and the Hamilton show. I came up empty every time.


I reduced my search to two tickets, and tried for another 30 minutes. Still nothing.

Then, I narrowed my search to one ticket. I figured I'd go alone and enjoy Gord and the boys for a twelfth and final time. It would be a personal, spiritual journey. Cathartic, even. Finally, after the 30th security check to prove I'm not a robot, I got a ticket.


But, for reasons I still don't understand, the final "submit" button was greyed out. There was no way to click it. I spent several minutes trying to figure out what was preventing the submit button from becoming active to no avail. I never was able to buy this ticket.

But I kept trying to find one ticket at any of the aforementioned four shows. I never did.

After 90 minutes of trying, I managed to score a single ticket to the Friday, August 12 show at the ACC. It's in the nosebleeds, but I'm in the building. This makes me very, very happy.

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