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The High Park Cherry Blossoms Refuse to Bloom

On this date last year, I rode my bike to High Park and snapped some great photos of the annual Sakura cherry blossoms in full bloom. Here's a taste of what I witnessed.


Just yesterday, I rode to High Park to see if there were any signs of this year's peak bloom. The only signs were the literal signs they had erected the previous week.

Pictures of the 2015 High Park Cherry Blossoms

Sadly, the sign people were too optimistic. The Sakura Watch blog is reporting today that there will be no peak bloom to view in High Park in 2016.

Yes I did see the first blossom today, however when I say ‘blossom’, its literally meant as in a single blossom, as in 1 lonely blossom on a tree filled with buds going to leaf. Looking throughout the park all I found was 1 tree with only 1 blossom. The consolation was seeing a small group of blossoms on the trunk of a nearby sakura tree. But unfortunately, every other cherry blossom tree in the park is going straight to leaf.

This photo I took in 2008 will have to keep me in stead. Until next year, that is.

Cherry Blossoms @ High Park
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