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My Week with a Ford Flex

I just spent a week driving a new Ford Flex, and it all started with this tweet that prompted me to seek out a Ford Flex test drive.

@torontomike check out a Ford Flex if you don't mind the boxy look ... lots of space inside (because it's a big box) and they drive nicely— Ed Nicholson (@fastEdCanuck) April 15, 2016

Ed wasn't kidding when he referred to it as a big box. That's exactly what it is, a very big box. But because it's a box, it's incredibly roomy.


The Ford Flex seats seven comfortably which is precisely why I wanted to test drive it. I have a family of six but only have five seatbelts in my Mazda. This past week was the first time we all travelled somewhere together.


There was actually room to spare. It's an incredibly roomy crossover, but it didn't drive "big". It really felt like I was driving a car, and I was only reminded how big it was when it came time to park.

Some say the Flex is ugly. I cannot state clearly enough how little I care about a car's appearance. I need a safe car that seats at least six people, and I can't have it destroy my bank account. When it comes to cars, I'm all about substance over style.

The Ford Flex fits the bill. I'll be testing a few other cars over the summer. I'll let you know how those drives go.

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