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Someone Knows Something

The CBC recently launched a new podcast in the vein of Serial entitled Someone Knows Something. We're four episodes deep, and here are my early thoughts.

I also listen to a CBC podcast called The Doc Project. Each week, The Doc Project airs an hour-long radio documentary. They're usually pretty interesting.

Following the first episodes of Someone Knows Something, it felt like an average episode of The Doc Project. Better than the weak episodes (I'm still sorry I wasted my time on that Harry Potter ep), but not as good as the stand-outs.

I don't know where Someone Knows Something is going, and I'll stick with it to find out, but so far it really does feel like a half-decent hour long documentary stretched into a series. A 5-year old boy vanished in 1972 while on a family fishing trip in Eastern Ontario and the case has gone cold. It's a tragic story, but lacking the compelling essence of Serial that made it so addictive.

I'm happy to hear more Canadian content being produced, I just think we can do even better.

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