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Canadian-Based NHL Teams Suck and Rogers Suffers

I used to read Chris Zelkovich's column in the Star. The Toronto Star decided to eliminate the media critic role, and Zelkovich was cut.

He now writes for Yahoo! (the exclamation mark is necessary) and just published an article about hockey ratings woes at Rogers.  As he puts it, "the Canadian-based teams are killing ratings".

With the delightful fall of the Habs, only one Canadian-based team is currently in a playoff position, and that's the Canucks clinging to 8th place in the Western Conference. That's incredible! Here's a screenshot of a very unlikely moment in history.


Rogers in the second year of its 12-year, $5.2 billion deal with the NHL. If no Canadian teams make the playoffs, ratings will take a serious hit, and there's absolutely nothing Rogers can do about it.

Personally, the only Canadian-based NHL team I give a rat's ass about is my Toronto Maple Leafs, and I'm loving the Shanaplan. Everything is going according to plan... I just hope Reimer doesn't steal too many points down the stretch. Just lose, baby... our future depends on it.

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