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The Best Sports Betting and Gambling In Canada

Do  you live in Canada? Do you love gambling and sports betting? To be honest,  Canadians have it easy when it comes to finding a place to gamble on the  internet, they are welcomed by a large majority of international gambling  sites. In fact, the only things you really have to worry about is deciding the  site that you're going to use and whether it's trustworthy and reliable.

What to Look For
If  you are interested in playing real money games on the internet, it's important  that you do your homework. Picture depositing your money in an online casino,  winning the jackpot, only to get the run-around from management when you try to  withdraw your winnings.

Believe  it or not, this happens more than you think. There are some online casinos that  make it hard for you to gain access to the funds. But they're not what we would  consider to be legitimate, rather their focus is on getting as much money as  they can without giving it back. Thankfully, this isn't the case with reputable  online casinos, who mimic real brick and mortar businesses and pride themselves  on fair business practices.

To  avoid these disreputable sites, you must only choose internet casino with  proven reputations for being honest, fast payouts, and great customer service.  These tend to have gambling safeguards in place like innovative encryption to  keep your personal information and bank data safe, as well as triple-redundant  service for a guaranteed connection, a feature that you need when you are in  the midst hitting a jackpot.

Top Reputable Sports Betting and  Gambling Sites in Canada

One thing's for sure, Canadians love sports – especially hockey and horse racing. But, plenty of Canadians have soft spots  for both types of football, baseball, and basketball as well. What's better than betting on your football team?

If  you would like to take part in all of the action, here are the best sports  betting and gambling sites for Canadian Gamers:

** Sports Interaction

This  site has been in business for almost twenty years. It has an easy to follow  layout and to place a bet all you have to do is add the selection to your bet  slip and choose the type of bet you want to make, with a choice for Each-Way  bets, accumulators, and outright wins.

This  site allows gamers to bet on a variety of different sports, not just the  popular ones. They include:

**  Golf
 **  Mixed Marital Arts
 **  Football
 **  Boxing
 **  Politics
 **  TV Events
 **  Award Shows
**  Live Dealer Games

Furthermore,  Sports Interactions lets gamers place prop bets and other special bets as well.

Raps vs. Celtics

** Bet365

When  it comes to sports betting, Bet365 is one of the juggernauts of the industry.  They've been in business for over forty years and are one of the largest  sportsbooks in the world. In that, they operate in well over 100 countries and  cater to over 1 million customers all over the word.
They  offer an astounding variety of sports and live events for gamers to wager on.  They include:

**  Badminton
 **  American Football
 **  Tennis
 **  Baseball
 **  UFC
**  Table Tennis

The  selection above is a mere fraction of the selection available for gamers. In  addition, Bet345 also broadcasts over 40,000 live events every year, giving  players the chance to watch the action on their computer or mobile device.

** BetOnline
This  site has been around for a little more more than ten years and has gained an  excellent reputation for overall quality and service. One of the features that  makes BetOnline stand out from the crowd is the big new member deposit bonus,  it gives first time plays a huge cash bonus to explore the site and really  stretch their betting dollars. Regular players are also rewarded with a variety  of promotions that make gameplay more exciting and profitable.


BetOnline  also has a section devoted to skill games where players can try their hand at  anything from Dominoes to Yahtzee. Or if you prefer something more jackpot  orientated, there are also games of craps, roulette, blackjack available as  well.

** Sportsbook
 My favorite spot of them all is  Bodog, As you can probably tell, one of the things that this company has going  for it is name recognition. Who's going to forget a name like Bodog? Tthe  company capitalized on this by spending a significant amount of money for TV  and radio spots, web ads, and more.
Bodog  has been in business since 1994, and except for some legal mess involving an  executive in 2002, they have built a solid reputation for reliability and  service. By the way the executive, Calvin Ayre, is no longer involved with the  company in any shape, way, or form.

The  company is always upgrading their software to improve the functionality of  their site, which is excellent for those who love live betting. But, there's  something to offer for everyone, in fact, this site has a selection that rivals  the best in the industry, giving bettors the chance to place wagers on anything  from darts to Aussie football to tennis and more. It's safe to say, if there's  a competition taking place, most likely Bodog has a line on it.

NBA Playoffs
 The NBA  Playoffs semi-final round has got us on the edge of our seats. Imagine, only  eight basketball teams are remaining in hopes to get the championship, while  four of them—Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Utah  Jazz—were fighting toe-to-toe last Thursday as Warriors and Wizards proved  their might and came out on top. Should you plan to bet on NBA playoffs soon,  this betting guide will prove to be helpful in  making your decisions. There are more sites here.

News that matter
 Tony Parker out for post-season
 The  Houston Rocket was surprised on Wednesday when the San Antonio Spurs were able  to upset them in the series after an embarrassing game 1. The Spurs managed to  beat them after a 121-96 win. However, the story has changed the same day, but  on their disadvantaged, when their star player Tony Parker reported suffering  from an injury in the leg during the game. According to a reputable ESPN  report, the leg injury turned out as a rupture in his quadriceps tendon.
 Tony  Parker will be undergoing surgery and will be missing the rest of the post-season. San  Antonio Spurs, on the other hand, will be forced to come up with a different  game strategy moving forward without Parker. There are rumors that we would be  seeing more of Dejounte Murray in point guard and of Patty Mills.

Wizards’ Magic
 After  winning their first two games in the series, Boston Celtics thought they could  easily snitch their way past Washington Wizards and straight into the Eastern  Conference Finals. But, unlucky for them, the Washington Wizards used their  magic to upset Celtics in a tense fight with a 116-89 beat down. Washington  Wizards had made its latest win look super easy only by being able to win the  second team battle. One would be inclined to think that Washington Wizards  would be able to dominate Boston Celtics all throughout this series due to the  hell of a performance they displayed.

Their  win on Thursday was important because it boosted their morale and they made it  look like Boston Celtics did not deserve the top spot. With another game  happening on Sunday, Washington will be able to even the playing field, if they play well.
 Raptors facing extinction

While  Washington Wizards were doing great on Thursday giving themselves the much  needed boost, the Toronto Raptors will soon be facing extinction if they do not  pull through against the powerhouse Cleveland Cavaliers.

Toronto  Raptors has already fallen behind, and not to mention in really ugly fashion,  0-2. The Cleveland Cavaliers managed to defeat Toronto Raptors with so much  finesse and ease in a 125-103 score. Many times during the said games, the  Toronto Raptors could be seen without teamwork and one would be inclined to  think that they were not playing professionally. But historically speaking,  Toronto Raptors had been in the same tight spot last year but still managed to  come out on top winning games three and four at home with combined points of  31. Toronto Raptors are obviously looking to repeat history and are praying for  a much needed miracle.
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