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The Silly Season Begins in Earnest

CHFI's Facebook page has declared that they're now playing nothing but Christmas music. Here's the official announcement.

"98.1 CHFI is now Toronto's Christmas Music Station! We're playing 100% All Christmas Music all the way to Boxing Day!

It's November 15, so that means they're playing nothing but Christmas music for the next six weeks. Here's a glance at what they've just played.


Is it too early? Absolutely! Personally, I think December 15 would be a fine time for a stunt like this, but not a minute earlier.

Is this a dumb move by CHFI? Absolutely not! For some reason, this stunt works, or they wouldn't pull it year after year. I'm sure other stations will follow suit.

The silly season is in full-effect. Only six weeks to go...

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