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It's Not a Popularity Contest, But Here's the Current iTunes Ranking

For fun, I thought I'd pop into iTunes and see what's popular there right now. Here are episodes of Toronto Mike'd ranked in order of current popularity.

But first, two important details to note.

  1. Recent episodes are favoured, obviously. iTunes doesn't publish the algorithm that drives this chart, but it's most definitely time sensitive. This is not an all-time ranking.
  2. iTunes only knows what's played via iTunes. So anyone who streams an episode from this site, downloads the MP3 directly or plays Toronto Mike'd in any other podcast aggregator isn't counted here.

Not surprisingly, the most current episode is #1, but look at #4. That's the Strombo episode from last December. It's still incredibly popular.

I tweeted this screen cap and Strombo responded. It seems he's up for a sequel. I'm game.

I had a lot of fun. When's part two?— Dr.Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo) November 12, 2015

After 141 episodes, my little podcast continues to hold it's own, currently ranked #14 in its category. Not bad for a guy in his basement.

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