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The Price Is Wrong, Bitch

What the hell is John Gibbons doing with David Price?

I'm ecstatic we've forced a game five tomorrow night at the dome, and I'm glad Marcus Stroman is getting the start, but for the life of me I don't understand why Gibbons is misusing our ace.

Up 7-1 in the fourth inning, R. A. Dickey was cruising along. With a runner on first base and two outs, he was pulled for Price. I wouldn't have made that move.

But that's not the worst part. For some reason, Price was left in the game for 50 pitches, which led Gibbons to declare he wouldn't be available Wednesday. This is what perturbs me.

With Brett Cecil out for the season, Price would be mighty useful coming out of the pen on Wednesday. Burning him yesterday in a 7-1 game is asinine. I wouldn't have done it, you wouldn't have done it, but John Gibbons had no problem doing it.

Again, I'm not upset Price isn't starting tomorrow, I'm upset he's not available when we need a lefty out of the pen. Instead, we're down to Aaron Loup.

Hopefully Stroman goes seven strong before giving way to Sanchez and Osuna. Let's do this.

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