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I Love the Bandwagon Jumpers

The Blue Jays hype train departed the station in late July, and hasn't really let up. With a big win yesterday, we're headed back to Kansas City for game six of the ALCS. These are indeed exciting times.

For Jays fans, this has been a long time coming. If you're in your late 30s or older, you can say you've been waiting 22 years. If you're younger, you've been waiting your entire life. This is like a cold glass of water after a long walk on a hot day.

Some Jays fans seem to resent the many bandwagon jumpers who have happily hopped on the hype train and are enjoying this thrilling ride. They never paid their dues. They never suffered through two decades of mediocrity. Yet here they are, donning Jays apparel and cheering our many dingers.

I love the bandwagon jumpers. In my mind, there's a core set of Jays fans who will support the team through thick and thin, but it's the bandwagoners who support talented teams like this that prove there's money to be made in winning. Essentially, Rogers can point to tangible evidence that good teams result in more tickets and memorabilia sold, more eyeballs on Rogers stations and digital properties and more ears tuning in 590. Winning is profitable.

The more Jays fans supporting this winning team, the more likely Rogers will spend the money required to sustain talent like this. Everybody wins.  So when you're asked ridiculous questions from those new to the game, don't roll your eyes, just answer as best as you can.

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