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Winning Fixes Everything #LoveThisTeam

In the spring of 2013, following a few big moves by AA, the Blue Jays tried to push the hashtag #LoveThisTeam on us. That shit has to be earned, and that team wasn't particularly lovable.

Things improved last season, but we were still pretenders as opposed to contenders. By August, none of us believed in the Jays.

But this year, things are different. An already likeable team, bolstered by the acquisition of Josh Donaldson in the off-season, became a lovable team when AA shocked us all by trading for Troy Tulowitzki, David Price and more.

But what really makes this team lovable is the fact they're winning. We've won 7 of 8 and are a game up on the Orioles for the 2nd wild card spot. But really, our sights are set on the Yankees, only 4.5 games up in the AL East. And we've got a whack of games against the Yanks, starting tomorrow. Every single one of us believes we can do it, and for the first time since '93, there will be pennant fever in Toronto.

Winning fixes everything.

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