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Ode to Roy Howell

Toronto Blue Jay Edwin Encarnacion recorded nine RBI yesterday, tying a long-standing franchise records for RBI in a game. But whose record did he match?

If you guessed George Bell, Carlos Delgado or Jose Bautista, you're wrong. You're also wrong if you guessed Jesse Barfield, Jose Canseco or Shawn Green. The man Encarnacion matched is third baseman Roy Howell who collected 9 RBI in a 19-3 win against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium on September 10, 1977.

I have no memories of Roy Howell as a Blue Jay. I know he arrived via a trade with Texas during the inaugural 1977 season, and signed with Milwaukee after the 1980 season. I know he was our all-star representative in 1978 and, until yesterday, he was the only Blue Jay to record nine RBI in a single game.

Roy, meet Edwin.

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