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Let's Talk Television Spoilers

Mad Men is one of my all-time favourite television programs. Already I've got it sitting comfortably in third place, just behind Six Feet Under and just ahead of The Sopranos. In time, we'll see where it ends up.

The Mad Men finale airs Sunday night. That's as good a reason as any to re-open the spoiler debate.

In episode 120 of my podcast, I called out Roz Weston for talking about a significant plot point in the previous night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. I personally didn't care, as I don't watch the show, but I'm sure many had it DVR'd or planned to catch up on the weekend or later and had this bombshell completely ruined for them because Roz talked about it. Roz told me he felt television spoilers should be treated the same as election results and shared as news. I told him he was just a jerk.

A couple of years ago, I shared my spoiler code of conduct. At the time, I wrote "publicly airing spoilers is downright rude... live tweeting quotes or plot turns is a dick move."

Am I way out to lunch here? Is it okay to Facebook, Tweet, and chatter at work about major plot points revealed the night before? If Don Draper jumps out a window Sunday night, is it okay to blab about it everywhere on Sunday night and Monday morning?

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