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If the Ducks Win...

During the NHL playoffs, you may have noticed a new link in the main menu for this site. Playoff Pool is for those who drafted with us in early April, an annual tradition that started in the late 90s. I participate every year, and I've never won.

Considering we sometimes only have 10 or 11 participants, it's no easy task to lose almost 20 times in a row. I've had to bank on great regular season teams that faltered in the playoffs. I think I went to the San Jose Sharks well over and over and over again.

This year, I thought the Ducks were the team to beat. I loaded up on productive Ducks, and a few Minnesota Wild players, because I thought they'd upset the Blues in the first round. So far, I've played it perfectly.

If the Ducks eliminate Chicago, I'll win big. They're one win away...

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