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Rainy Day Activities in Toronto

Living in Toronto has one major drawback and that is receiving more than its fair share of rainfall. There’s nothing worse than a rainy day to dampen your spirits especially if you had an exciting outdoor activity to look forward to. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot still enjoy yourself when the clouds decide to open and leave you soaked through and wishing the rain away.

So when the rain begins to pour run yourself to the closest theatre or cinema, where in Toronto there is no shortage of. If you happen to be facing a regrettable downpour in August then why not check out the excellent line-up at the Summerworks festival. There is music, dance, exhibitions, live art shows and a whole host of special presentations and concerts. If none of the main festivals such as Summerworks or The Toronto Fringe are out of season then you can always head to the Soulpepper, Tarragon or Annex theatres to see what’s on.

If you can’t find a show or a movie to go and check out then you can always head on over to TIFF's Film Reference Library. The library is full of thousands and thousands of various movie related books, scripts and magazines to keep any avid movie lover content for hours on end. If you like your entertainment a little more visual then there’s also thousands of viewing stations where you can watch endless TV shows and movies.

For those with more of a competitive streak you may be interested in heading to just one of the increasingly popular board game café locations around the city or a local bingo hall. On the other hand you may just to sit around and play a few games with your friends at an online casino.

Whilst it may be teaming down with rain outside this doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy a sporting activity. There are plenty of indoor sports you can participate in with both family and friends on a rainy day and Toronto has plenty to offer. You can take in a game of Badminton at the Boulevard Club or perhaps some indoor tennis at Rosedale or the North York Winter Tennis Club. There’s skating, curling, swimming and even table tennis but if you would like to get involved with more of an outdoor type sport but indoors then look no further than Beach Blast or the North Beach Volleyball centre where you can play real barefooted beach volleyball on the sands without the risk of adverse weather affecting play, which is terrific fun for all the family.

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