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My Losing Picks for 2015

Yesterday, our long-time annual tradition continued as we collected to draft players for our NHL playoff pool. Although my digital records only go back to 2003, we've been drafting together since the 90s.

Over so many years of participating, you'd think I'd accidentally win once or twice. Instead, I lose... every single year. I've finished second a couple of times, but I've never, ever won.

Here's the team that will lose for me this year. If you're following along at home, all that matters is points. A point is a point is a point.

  • R. Getzlaf - ANA
  • Z. Parise - MIN
  • R. Kesler - ANA
  • J. Pominville - MIN
  • J. Hudler - CGY
  • T. Vanek - MIN
  • S. Vatanen - ANA
  • C. Kunitz - PIT
  • J. Silfverberg - ANA
  • C. Fowler - ANA
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