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Who Is Mason Reese And Why Is He Crying?

I love compelling audio. I love a good story and learning new things. Yesterday, while driving the family home from my son's hockey game, I tuned into CBC Radio One and heard Jonathan Goldstein on Wiretap airing an episode he originally recorded for the Gimlet Media podcast Reply All.

Goldstein was talking about falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube nostalgia and staring down a figure from from his early childhood. Mason Reese was that figure.​

Goldstein's memories of Mason Reese date back to the early 70s, just before my time. I completely missed the Mason Reese era, and was fascinated to learn he was an advertising phenomenon who appeared in dozens of commercials for everything from Dunkin' Donuts to Raisin Bran. He built his career on this Underwood Chicken Spread ad, which included the adorable spoonerism, “Borgasmord.”

Then, Goldstein happened upon this clip of Mason Reese crying on the Mike Douglas Show. It was uploaded by Mason Reese himself. You've got to see this.

Why was Mason Reese crying because Harry Chapin was going to play Cat's in the Cradle? There was only one way to find out. Goldstein needed to track Mason Reese down and ask him. The result is precisely what I love about good podcasts and documentary-style radio shows like this: a compelling story in which I learn something new.

Here's the full episode:

And the Mike Douglas Show, which I had never seen, has an awesome logo I could totally steal.

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