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I Was Wrong

When the Leafs game went to shit tonight, I started watching ¡Three Amigos! on YouTube. I had no idea it was stylized that way until tonight. I hadn't seen ¡Three Amigos! since the '80s.

As I recall, there was a free preview weekend of First Choice / Superchannel and we recorded some of the movies shown onto VHS. One of the movies we recorded was ¡Three Amigos! so it because a movie we'd watch over and over and over again. I'm pretty sure I thought it was funny back then.

I was very, very wrong. Watching it again tonight as an adult, I don't think I laughed once. Ok, maybe a little chuckle when the turtle spoke, but that was it. It's awful.

Now I'm wondering what other movies I enjoyed as a kid would seem awful to me today. What else was I wrong about?

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