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Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Mary and Max

With over a week off, I had some time to watch a bunch of movies with the kids. I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, a summer blockbuster I heard was pretty good.

Guardians of the Galaxy was alright, but I was disappointed. The story was awfully shallow, and the action scenes bored me. Thank goodness for Groot and Rocket, who provided most of the entertainment.

Later that same night, my wife recommended a little film she read about called Mary and Max. I had never heard of it. Mary and Max is a 2009 claymation tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals. It was excellent.


These two films are about as different as two movies can be. One is a big budget, heavily marketed juggernaut and the other is a quaint Australian animation you likely never knew existed. And I have no doubt if you watched both you'd prefer Mary and Max.

Seek it out if you can. It's currently on US Netflix. You won't regret it.

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