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Sad Santas Everywhere

This inflatable Santa Claus trend seems to have spiked over the past few years. It's not just inflatable Santas people are putting on their front lawns, it's giant inflatable snowmen and reindeer, too.

When fully inflated at night, it's a great sight for kids of all ages. They're typically illuminated and colourful and quite the spectacle. But when I go for my daily lunchtime bike ride, it's just plain sad.

I'd guess at least 90% of the inflatable Santas I ride past are completely deflated, making them sad piles of festive plastic. If I didn't know better, I'd think the jolly old elf was shot dead in his tracks. On one street in my neighbourhood, two out of every three houses have a sad deflated Santa on their lawn when I ride past. Here's a pic I took on Friday.


At night they're blown up and ready for action, but during the day it's just sad.

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