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They Screwed Up My Special K

They Screwed Up My Special K

Special K was one of my favourite cereals. In fact, when I decided to reduce my caloric consumption in early 2012, Special K became my go-to breakfast.

I visited Amsterdam in August 2012 and ate the Dutch Special K for breakfast at the hotel. It was flakes instead of our rice shape, and the taste was different. As I wrote at the time, I preferred our Special K.

Little did I know that our Special K was a special (no pun intended) formula unique to Canada and made at Kellogg's London, Ontario plant. When Kellogg's closed that London plant, we lost our special Canadian Special K. Now we're shipped American Special K, and I don't like it.

The old Special K I knew and loved tasted better, was easier to eat and contained less sugar. I want the old formula back.

Here's a picture of the Special K I knew and loved.

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