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An Ugly, Ugly Game

An Ugly, Ugly Game

Following that debacle in Buffalo last weekend, I tuned into last night's Leafs game looking for a rebound. I figured they'd come out strong at home against Nashville. I was wrong.

At 3-0 Nashville, Bernier was pulled for Reimer and I shut off the game to watch an episode of The Newsroom.

It's going to be a long season, Leafs fans— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) November 19, 2014

When I tuned back in, it was 8-0.

Checking in to see if they're coming back.... Whoa.— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) November 19, 2014

It ended up 9-2 and it reminded me of a game I watched on a black and white 13 inch television back in 1986. We won that game 11-9 against the mighty Oilers and Miroslav Fryer scored four goals. That game was a lot more fun than this one.

I remember a game in 1986 when we beat the Oilers 11-9— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) November 19, 2014

I honestly believe things will get worse for the Leafs before it gets better. It's not a very good team, and the coach is living on borrowed time. I don't think he makes it to Christmas.

I'm starting the rumour that Shanny's coming out of retirement— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) November 19, 2014

At least we have one good team in this city. I can't wait for tonight's Raptors game.

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