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Why Don't I Read Novels?

Why Don't I Read Novels?

You won't find a book review on this blog. I rarely read novels, and haven't cracked one open in about ten years.

I'm not proud of this fact. I majored in English at U of T and was forced to read a laundry list of classic literature. One CanLit course had me reading gems from Robertson Davies, Margaret Laurence, Timothy Findley, Mordecai Richler, Margaret Atwood, Hugh MacLennan and others. Another Classic American Literature course had me reading The Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Grapes of Wrath, Invisible Man and more. Not to mention a boatload of Shakespeare, Chaucer and poetry.

When I escaped University with my Honours BA, the last thing I wanted to do was read a novel. My ex was (and is) a ferocious reader who gobbled up books like candy. I preferred to surf the web, reading and creating digital content.

Thankfully, my children who are old enough to read love it. I know I loved reading for pleasure when I was their age. Gordon Korman was my favourite.

School destroyed my love of novels, and it's never returned. Now I fear it's too late. I'm missing out.

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