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Rogers: Where Free Costs $935 @rogershelps

I have wireless, TV and internet services with Rogers. It's been three years since I got a mobile phone from Rogers, and under "Upgrade Your Phone" in My Rogers, I found this good news regarding my account.

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That's right, my device balance is $0.00 and I was told I could go to a Rogers store and upgrade my phone without penalty!

As it turns out, "without penalty" doesn't mean "free" like I thought it did. If you want a current phone, like the LG G3 (my preference) or the Samsung Galaxy S5 (my second choice), you have to buy the phone. Rogers wanted $90 for the LG G3 if I signed a two year contract.

Then, there's a "Connection Fee" of $15. I have no idea what this is for as I'm already a customer, I'm just taking my sim card out of one phone and into the other. Is an expensive two year contract and $80 not enough?

All of the above was disappointing, but what truly upset me was when they told me they would no longer honour my current wireless plan and I'd have to switch to one of their new "Share Everything" plans.  You choose a device, data and value pack and pay that, regardless of what you were paying before.  Matching my current plan would increase my current monthly payment by $35 before taxes.

To summarize, I have three expensive services with Rogers, and have been a loyal Rogers customer for many, many years. In order to upgrade my phone after three years, I'd have to pay $80 + $15 and an additional $35 a month over the next two years.  That's $935 + tax!

I left the Rogers store having done nothing and feeling incredibly frustrated and angry. Toronto, what's my best option?

Update: I've got to give credit to @RogersHelps for making things right here. I'm actually now on a better plan for a little less money and they're going to courier to me a new LG G3 at no charge.

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