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Accepting the Fact I Don't Like Football

Accepting the Fact I Don't Like Football

I alluded to this in episode 83 of my podcast, but it's time to come clean in print. I really don't care for football anymore.

As a younger man, I watched a lot of NFL. The Bills were my team and I rooted for them the way I root for the Jays or Raptors.  Periodically, when we had the Rocket or Doug Flutie, I'd watch the Argos, too.

I can pinpoint the moment I started to care less about the NFL. It was when Rob Johnson got the start over Flutie in the Music City Miracle game. Since then, I've watched less and less NFL football every year.  Last season, I caught three games (including the Super Bowl) and all three included Manning and his Broncos.

For a while, I thought it was just the NFL that was turning me off, and I turned to the CFL. Now I know it's the sport.  I just don't like football.

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