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The Apple Store

The Apple Store

I have a work-issued MacBook Pro I've been using since 2011.  It's the machine I use when I need to do heavy lifting, and lately it's become rather sluggish.

I'm not an Apple guy, so I didn't really know the process.  Silly little me hopped on his bike during lunch on Friday and pedalled with his MacBook Pro to the Apple Store at Sherway Gardens to talk to someone there about buying more RAM to improve performance. Apparently, you can't do that.

I was nicely told I had to make an appointment before I could talk to an Apple rep about buying more RAM. This is the Apple way.

I made an appointment for today, and biked back to Sherway Gardens to learn if I could salvage this MacBook Pro.  They ran diagnostics and everything came back A-OK.  Here's photographic evidence my hard drive passed the test.


So now I've been asked to see if the performance is better. I'm not sure they did anything, so I don't know why I'd see an improvement, but I biked home agreeing to come back if things are still shitty.

Of course, I have to make an appointment first.  The appointment is mandatory.

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