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Not All of Toronto's Trails are Ice-Free

Not All Toronto's Trails are Ice-Free

I'm training for a 220km bicycle ride in early June, so I'm trying to increase my daily distances.  Yesterday, after a nice ride at lunch, I declared via Twitter that the trails were completely snow-free.

I just completed a 22.22 km bike ride. The trails are now completely snow-free!— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) April 2, 2014

That tweet was premature.

Today, I took a completely different route, away from the waterfront.  Plenty of spots along the route were snowy and icy, and some parts were unrideable.  Here's what Etienne Brule Park looks like along the Humber River.

How am I supposed to bike across this?

Throw in a very snowy hill in King's Mill Park you can bike down but not up, and you've got to be ready to improvise when biking Toronto's trails this early in April.

The roads, however, are dry as a bone.

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