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Open Mikes: Friday Only

Open Mikes: Friday Only

Open Mikes used to only be posted on Fridays. The idea was to create an open forum for people to discuss whatever they wanted.  I envisioned a hivemind for queries, life hacks and respectful and intelligent discussion.

At some point, someone suggested a second Open Mike.  That's when I introduced the Tuesday Open Mike.

Although there are still some interesting discussions in the Open Mikes, I can barely stand what they've become.  If I'm bored and aggravated by them, I can't imagine what others think.  A typical Open Mike devolves into "Ford is the best and Olivia Chow is horrible" and vice versa.  Everything, it seems, is left or right and people just assume their positions.

I hate this left vs. right nonsense.  I hate it passionately.  Because I dislike Ford's politics and approach and bike I've been labelled a "lefty".  These labels serve to do nothing more than divide and stigmatize.  These labels are a big fat negative.

I'm thinking of returning to just hosting the Open Mike on Fridays.  Unless you can convince me otherwise, I don't see the value of two Open Mikes a week.

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