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Four After-Debate Thoughts

Four After-Debate Thoughts

I tuned in for the first 15-minutes of this evening's 2014 mayoral debate. That was all I could stomach. So much sound and fury, signifying nothing.  If you watched the entire thing, kudos to you.

Here are four thoughts I had after I flipped off the television.

Those Who Support Rob Ford Won't Care if He's Arrested
Those in Ford Nation who are still voting for the man are going to support him no matter what.  If he's arrested next week, it won't change their mind.  There's almost nothing he can do to lose their vote at this point.

Debates are Useless (and Annoying)
Debates are useless, and annoying. It's the same talking points over and over and over again.  The vast majority of people enter a debate with a favourite and leave favouring that same person.  It won't be someone's performance in a debate that will change your vote, it will be strategy. (See below.)

Strategic Voting is OK
As I get older, I become more and more comfortable with strategic voting.  For example, one might think David Soknacki would make the best mayor for Toronto, but Soknacki can't win this election, so one might vote elsewhere to block Rob Ford from winning again.  I'm okay with this. In fact, it's for this very reason that I'm encouraging all my friends and family to support Olivia Chow. In my opinion, she's our best chance to keep Rob Ford from winning.

This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
It's only March and the election is in October. I'm already pretty tired of all the campaigning, but there's a long way to go. I'll keep a casual eye on what's happening but I'll wait until Labour Day before I completely plug myself back in.

Self-preservation, after all, is the first law of nature.

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