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Old Spice's "Smellcome to Manhood!" Campaign

Old Spice's

I'm used to stuff appearing at the door.  Literally.  Vitamin Water arrived the other day.  One day it was apple chips.  Once it was beer.  Yesterday, I received a package from Old Spice.

Usually, when something arrives at the door, I'll tweet about it, but rarely will I write an entry about it.  This "Smellcome to Manhood!" campaign by Old Spice is so damn impressive, I had to share.

The goods arrived in a cool looking briefcase.


My daughter excitedly opened the briefcase and found it was loaded with goodies.


There was lots of shampoo, body spray, hair products as well as earbuds, an Over the Top DVD, duct tape, an Art of Manliness book, a flash drive and a Smellcome to Manhood certificate.


Very impressive, Old Spice.  This campaign is definitely blog-worthy.

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