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I Need Your Help: $760 to Go #RTCCTO

Thanks and Pleas: RTCC 2014

On June 7-8 I'll be embarking on a 220km bicycle ride across Ontario in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Yesterday, I attended an orientation and received my shirt.

Just picked up my shirt to #RTCCTO and feeling stoked!

I'm starting to train now, and getting excited, but I still need to raise $760 to reach the $2,500 minimum.  If you haven't yet pledged, I ask that you do so now.  I won't be hitting you up for a Terry Fox Run donation in the fall, this is the only donation I'll seek in 2014.

Donate to my ride by clicking right here.  The following awesome people (updated as pledges come in) have already done so, and I'm extremely grateful:

  1. Ellen M.
  2. Rick C in Oakville
  3. Mike Kic
  4. markosaar
  5. Speysidephil
  6. Dale
  7. Brian A.
  8. Doug
  9. Rick2
  10. Al The Royal Pain
  11. Christine H.
  12. Mike from Lowville
  13. Cheryl
  14. Il Duce
  15. Michael Muzzin
  16. Liz B.
  17. Blind Dave
  18. Alex Patino
  19. Mike Engell and Colleen
  20. Cousin Jen
  21. Aunt Maura
  22. Brother Ryan
  23. Jason from Sudbury
  24. Jamie
  25. Mom
  26. Zachary
  27. Faunie
  28. Douglas
  29. Steve M.
  30. Kevin W.
  31. Katherine R.
  32. Marie C.
  33. Erin Davis
  34. Matt W.
  35. Chad H.
  36. Nigel Trousershrapnel
  37. Brother Steve
  38. Philly-Bob
  39. Audrey
  40. TheSweaterTuck
  41. Cathy S.
  42. Tim
  43. Domenico
  44. Julie N.
  45. Helmut
  46. Daniel M.
  47. Claire H.
  48. Andrew
  49. Jackie S.
  50. Gwyn
  51. Mofo
  52. Nicki
  53. CJ
  54. 519 Rob
  55. Pete F.
  56. Glen S.
  57. Darren C.
  58. Niel W.
  59. Humble and Fred
  60. Mike P.
  61. Chris M.
  62. Adam T.

Consider it an early 40th birthday present, or do it to help conquer cancer and for my buddy Mike Kic.

And yes corporations, the $1000 golden ticket is still available.

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