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Attn PR and Marketing Pros: Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

Attn PR and Marketing: Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

I'll cut to the chase...

I need to raise a minimum of $2500 for my 220km bicycle ride across Ontario in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or I can't participate.  This is important to me, not just because the ride takes place during the month I turn 40, but because a close friend is battling cancer and this is the least I can do to support him.

The first company / organization to pledge $1000 at will become an official sponsor of my ride.  In all future entries about this endeavour I will mention your company name, what product and/or services you provide and link to your website.  Warm fuzzies guaranteed!

This exclusive opportunity is only available to the first organization to step up.  Remember, this is a certified Canadian charity, and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Who is ready to step up with $1000 to sponsor my ride?

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