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Once a Jays Fan, Always a Jays Fan

Once a Jays Fan, Always a Jays Fan

The team you grew up rooting for is almost always the team you love as an adult.  I grew up primarily rooting for our home teams, and no matter where I end up in this world, I know I'll always be a fan of Toronto's teams.

I recently found a box of old photos at my mom's house, and it included this one of me in my Blue Jays shirt.

Me in my Blue Jays shirt

Years ago, I discovered this picture of me and my brother Ryan.

Ryan and I as Kids

Once a Jays fan, always a Jays fan.

I'm interested in examples where someone was raised rooting for one team, and switched allegiances as an adult.  For example, was anyone raised a Montreal Canadiens fan but became a Leafs fan?  Perhaps you were raised a Detroit Tigers fan but grew up to become a Jays fan?

Tell me your story below!

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