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Mimico: What's So Special About Mimico?

Mimico: What's So Special About Mimico?

During yesterday's Winter Classic, Detroit's Brendan Smith was referred to as being "from Mimico".  A couple of Leafs, Dave Bolland and David Clarkson, are also "Mimico boys".  In high school, I heard all about the legend of alumnus Brendan Shanahan "from Mimico".

For the unaware, Mimico is a neighbourhood in southwest Toronto, part of the old Borough of Etobicoke.  Mimico is not in any way separate from Toronto.  Anyone from Mimico is actually from the city of Toronto.


Full disclosure: I now live in the Toronto neighbourhood that borders Mimico to the west and seriously considered buying in Mimico. My new neighbourhood is called New Toronto, but you'll never hear someone's a "New Toronto boy" or "from New Toronto".  They'll just be from Toronto, or maybe Etobicoke.

My question is simple... Why are those from Mimico labelled such as if it's seperate from Toronto?  What's so special about Mimico?

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