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21 Years Later, I Just Had a Simpsons Epiphany

21 Years Later, I Have a Simpsons Epiphany

While shovelling snow this morning, I started thinking about The Simpsons episode "The Front", the 19th episode of season four in which Homer attends his Class of 1974 high school reunion.

In this episode, Homer wins several awards, including one for travelling the least distance to be there.

And the person who traveled the least distance to be here-- Well, kiss my grits! - Homer Simpson!

While shovelling snow, I thought this would be far easier to determine today. A program could easily take everyone's home address and determine who lived closest to the high school.  But then, it hit me.

Why didn't Homer have to share that award with Marge?  Don't they live together? Didn't they travel the identical distance to be at their reunion?

I originally saw this episode on April 15, 1993.  That means it took me almost 21 years to have this epiphany.  That's got to be some kind of record.

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