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YouTube Cleansing

YouTube Cleansing

The first time I embedded a YouTube video on this blog was February 4, 2006 when I shared Brokeback to the Future.  Since then, I've embedded over 1000 YouTube videos, and over the years many of those have been yanked from YouTube for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it's a claim from the copyright holder, other times it's because the uploader closed his/her account or marked it private, and sometimes the videos simply won't play in Canada.  This has created a great deal of dead videos in the archives, so I had some cleaning to do.

I've always tried to go light on YouTube clips, which I once called "the blogger's crutch", but I still had a whack of crap to clean up.  I wonder what older more YouTube-dependent blogs do?  I'll bet they do nothing...

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