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Rob Ford Had Lots Left to Hide

Rob Ford Had Lots to Hide

With the last of the Project Brazen 2 documents being released this afternoon, we're learning a whole lot about the skeezy behaviour of our mayor.  For example:

  • Rob Ford was involved in attempts to retrieve the crack video, offering "$5000 and a car." Weeks later, Ford claimed video "may not exist".
  • Sandro Lisi said the mayor would bring "heat" on Dixon if nobody gave him his stolen phone back
  • Rob Ford's cellphone was stolen while he was at a crack house after late-night calls were made arranging a drug delivery "because Rob Ford wants some drugs"
  • The crack video is related to a kidnapping on Dixon Road
  • Rob Ford was smoking crack at 15 Windsor as recently as April 2013
  • A gang member said, while on wiretap, that he had pictures of Rob Ford doing heroin
  • And much, much more...

While this news comes out, just remember these words from Rob Ford on November 5, 2013.: "I have nothing left to hide".

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