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Five Easy Pieces

Five Easy Pieces

Now that Coach's Corner has ended, I have a minute to share five thoughts rumbling through my mind...

David Clarkson

Will David Clarkson ever score for the Leafs?  He hasn't looked bad, something's just a little off... Perhaps he's pressing while playing for the team he grew up idolizing?  Maybe he's still rusty after missing the first ten games of the season?  I don't know what's wrong, but this isn't the David Clarkson we're paying for.


I care less about UFC today than I ever have, and I've never cared about UFC.  The tweets pollute my feed on Saturday nights but I just ignore them.  UFC ain't for me.

Xmas Music

I rarely go into stores, but yesterday I had to buy a new rake.  I visited a Canadian Tire and was inundated with Christmas music.  It's just too early for that crap...

The Santa Claus Parade

My daughter is attending a baby shower in Aurora tomorrow and won't be able to make the Santa Claus Parade.  My son and I have decided to skip the big parade and check out the smaller Lake Shore parade in December instead.  That ends quite the streak for me...

We Are Toronto

There's a Tumblr site making the rounds called "We Are Toronto" and I'm honoured to have been included.  Thanks to whoever nominated me... and that means you, Joanne.

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