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Cops Have Crack Video: Our Mayor is a Liar (And possibly a Drug Mule)

The Comment From Rinse about Rob Ford's Crack Use

The staff at are busy going through the newly released court documents that show the alleged Ford crack video was the target of a police investigation that led to dozens of arrests.

There are lots of fascinating nuggets in this document, all painting the mayor as a guy with lots to hide, but commenter markosaar just asked the obvious question in the most recent Open Mike.  Is Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, a drug mule?

Jacobsen says Lisi was seen putting dry-cleaning from shop tied to drug arrest into Ford's car, white bags too #TOPoli
Police watched Ford and Lisi meet over 100 times:
"On many occasions they followed him to meetings with Ford in parks. Detectives searched the area after and found empty vodka bottles."
"After Ford and Lisi met in person, detectives noticed a pattern. Later in the day, Ford, on his drive home, stopped in at the Esso at Edenbridge Rd. and Scarlett Rd., just a few doors east of the Ford home. While Ford was in the Esso station, which houses his favourite Tim Horton’s, Lisi would drive up in his Range Rover and place a package into Ford’s Escalade, then drive off."
It's okay, Ford's just a mule.

There's so much here I need a little time to digest it and I'd like to hear what Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says at 11:30, but it's fascinating to see a video that Rob Ford says doesn't exist spark such an investigation and it's difficult to fathom why Ford would meet so often with a drug dealer in such discreet and skeezy ways.

I've known for some time that our mayor is a liar but I didn't realize he was also a drug mule.

Update: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says they have the video of Rob Ford smoking crack.  Holy shit.

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