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The 9/11 Lies Are Out There

The 9/11 Lies Are Out There

I have friends who believe some of the many 9/11 myths that seem to be seeping into the mainstream.  These lies typically include nonsense about the World Trade Center 7 collapse, the lack of Flight 77 debris at the Pentagon and the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 over southwestern Pennsylvania.

Back in January I wrote about how offensive and hurtful conspiracy theories can be, and this is particularly true when talking about 9/11.  If you believe the American government had anything to do with 9/11, I beg you to spend a little time reading Debunking the 9/11 Myths: A Special Report from Popular Mechanics.  In fact, to help you out, here are links to the specific 9/11 lies that are out there.

Popular Mechanics really did a thorough job here and explain it all.

We assembled a team of reporters and researchers, including professional fact checkers and the editors of PM, and methodically analyzed all 16 conspiracy claims. We interviewed scores of engineers, aviation experts, military officials, eyewitnesses and members of the investigative teams who have held the wreckage of the attacks in their own hands. We pored over photography, maps, blueprints, aviation logs and transcripts. In every single instance, we found that the facts used by conspiracy theorists to support their fantasies were mistaken, misunderstood or deliberately falsified.

I shared my memory and thoughts about 9/11 on the tenth anniversary.  You can read that entry here.

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