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Spoiler Code of Conduct

Spoiler Code of Conduct

With the prevalance of DVRs, binge viewing, time-shifting and other digital methods of acquiring television shows, we're in desparate need of a spoiler code of conduct.

Last night, the series finale of Breaking Bad aired on AMC.  It's one of the few series I watch, so I most definitely tuned in.  I have not, nor will I, blog, tweet, facebook or podcast a spoiler.  In fact, earlier yesterday, I made a pledge not to do so.

I pledge to tweet no Breaking Bad spoilers tonight #BreakingBadPledge— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) September 29, 2013

In my opinion, publicly airing spoilers is downright rude.  Would you have broadcast the twist ending of Sixth Sense upon leaving the theatre? Of course not, because that would have been a dick move.  Spoiling an episode by live tweeting quotes or plot turns is a dick move.

I live by a spoiler code of conduct.  I will always wait a minimum of six-months before spoiling a tv show or movie, and usually I'll wait much, much longer.  Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.... it's nothing more complex than that.

Do you have a spoiler code of conduct?  Do you think it's fair to live-tweet or facebook major plot points points of popular shows like Breaking Bad?

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