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Breaking Bad Finale: My Thoughts (Spoilers Inside)

Breaking Bad Finale: My Thoughts (Spoilers Inside)

I initially hated the series finale of Breaking Bad.  It was far too convenient, far too ideal.  It was as if Walter White scripted the ending himself.

Think about how perfectly things turn out for Walt.  He somehow finds his way into Gretchen and Elliot's house where he plays them perfectly, Badger and Skinny Pete helping along the way, despite the fact they'd get a huge reward for turning him in.

He's then able to enter Skyler's home, despite being the most wanted man in the country.  C'mon, he's in his own home town visiting his old house, his ex-wife and getting close enough to his son that he can gaze upon him.  But the best part is when he meets Lydia and Todd in a crowded Albuquerque restaurant.  He still looks like Walter White but somehow goes unrecognized.  Really?

And the way he gets the ricin into Lydia's tea is way too convenient.  It's perfectly put into the one stevia pack he knows she'll use.  That's beyond lazy writing, that's intentionally ridiculous.  All of the above and the miraculous way Uncle Jack brings him Jesse and allows Walt to save him.... not to mention the way he kills all the nazis and ensures Uncle Jack survives long enough for Jesse to seal the deal.  This is fantasy. 100% fantasy.

Because when Walt was trying to start that car outside the bar in New Hampshire with the police on their way, he freezes to death.  As he sits there dying, his dream-like fantasy begins. Everything after this point, starting with the vehicle’s keys falling from the driver’s side visor, is pure fiction.

Walter White

That explains how convenient and completely ideal it is for Walt.  That's what makes this disappointing series finale something truly amazing and awesome.

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