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You Are Not Cheryl's Trainer

You Are Not Cheryl's Trainer

Hello friends...

I've been exchanging emails with Cheryl.  I've never met Cheryl and don't know her outside of this blog, but she's been commenting regularly here since November 1, 2009.  As of this moment, she's left 1,096 comments.

Cheryl can be awfully repetitive, going on and on about her love of the Habs, but I don't believe she's self-aware.  As a result, I cut her a lot of slack.

I like her comments and I'd like her to feel welcome here.  She's quite upset that people are giving her a hard time and some are impersonating her trainer.  She assures me her trainer doesn't read this blog and doesn't play shuffleboard.

A fan of satire myself, I'm not going to ban parody commenters, but perhaps we can all give Cheryl a break and pick on someone else? I'm fair game, for example, and I highly recommend picking on elvis.

My includes Cheryl.

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