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Ford Brothers Blame Media, Channel Sarah Palin

Ford Brothers Blame Media, Channel Sarah Palin

Now that Rob Ford and Doug Ford are both mired in controversy, most of it the result of solid investigative reporting by trustworthy journalists working for award-winning publications, it's clear their attack plan is to blame the media.

Rob Ford has twice dismissed the very serious crack smoking allegations against him as Toronto Star attacks.  He essentially wants you to believe Kevin Donovan and Robyn Doolittle risked their entire careers to make this up in an effort to bring the mayor down.  Even if you dismiss the fact that Gawker broke the story, this notion is absurd.

Now Doug is making the media rounds after the Globe published an investigation that was 18-months in the making.  Doug Ford, it has been revealed, was a drug dealer, and Rob Ford's new top secret Directory of Operations and Logistics was his right-hand man.  I've seen Doug on CBC and heard him on the radio and it's crystal clear he's taking a page out of someone's "how to rally your tea party base" handbook.


The gotcha liberal media is at it again, right Rob and Doug?  I'd love to see a little humility and accountability from our mayor and his councillor brother, but instead they seem hell bent on blaming the media for all their many follies.

They've got a show on 1010 that airs at 1pm.  It's really more of a 2-hour ad for their agenda, and today, if you bother to tune in, you'll just hear 2-hours of denial and media blame.


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